Gem Marketplace

Hue Name Size Glow Color Shape Owner Price
Mother of pearl Large Lucent Pearl pawnhamster 1699 note
Pwetty Average Dusky Citrine VehpuS 1200
Dream of waves Average none Ocean Dusso 750
Sunshine Small Brilliant Honey RedGirl 999999 note
Teal's Average none Teal youngstormlord 510
Peachy Average none Peach Linsaran 500
Sweet Pea Massive none Pea eltotsira 1700
Star of Babygirl Small none Baby Pink Mathamancer 299
Tiny Birdy Small none Peacock Linsaran 350
Little Booger Small none Green Salvage 2147483647 note
Average none Peridot Thaddius1000 380
Little miss diamond Average none Diamond pawnhamster 949 note
Gray sunset Average Dusky Graphite Airwhale 550
Gray Wolf Massive none Gray ArtemisX 2500
TSFKAABR Large Dusky Iron Rms2000 45000 note
Green Giant Enormous none Green robertzi7 10000 note
Oregano Average Dusky Sage InvaderTim 595
BigBlue Family Jewel Massive Lucent Cornflower Blue Skull the Troll 25000 note
Toast crunch Small none Cinnamon Sokrotes 2250
Average none Lavender Valareos 304
!!!!! Staggering Lucent Copper Airwhale 2147483647 note
Stingy RNG Small none Mahogany Rms2000 5000 note
Clementine Small Dusky Cantaloupe lurker above 450 note
Piney Large none Evergreen InvaderTim 895
Titan's Ring Average Titanic Green Linsaran 2147483647 note
Gobwin's Grandioso Enormous none Emerald Sidalir 2100
Large none Malachite Coren22 1200
Popcorn Small Dusky Butter Linsaran 350
More Sprite Rock Small none Lemon-lime Linsaran 350
Spice Small none Pumpkin Linsaran 350
Candie Small none Baby Pink Dusso 550
Dim Skull Large Dusky Bone robertzi7 10000 note
Massive Dusky Grape Thaddius1000 1400
Big Sister Massive none Cotton Candy Linsaran 1200 note
Melonball Small Lucent Cantaloupe Dennis 400
False Fire Average none Pumpkin ogr8bearded1 900 note
Locnar Small Dusky Evergreen ogr8bearded1 375 note
Twinkle Average Bright Periwinkle GryffonDurime 900
Archon Dust Average Lucent Powder Blue HollowHero 575
Maestoso Marbit Enormous none Purple Sidalir 2100
Staggering Dusky Peacock Rms2000 4000 note
The Storm Enormous none Gray swoodly 2100
Sigmundmancy Gigantic Lucent Seaweed Skull the Troll 25000 note
Large Dusky Chocolate ripple 650
Small none Ruby Linsaran 300
Surfer Average none Silver Sokrotes 1000
LilgreenMeanie Average none Emerald Sokrotes 1750
Hermit's Swampstone Small Dusky Seaweed Dennis 400
Large none Blood ripple 450
Smoked Tangarine Small none Burnt Orange Dennis 300
Spark of Chocolade Small Bright Brown Dusso 600
Sun Tear Gigantic Lucent Citrine Mathamancer 22490 note
Yin Gigantic none Onyx Rms2000 2500 note
Briene King Massive none Coral Dusso 2400
ClearWeather Small Dusky Stormcloud Rms2000 1000
Fizzypop Small none Berry Mathamancer 299
Fresh Piggy Large none Baby Pink Dusso 2000
Average none Royal Blue Salvage 200 note
Yang Enormous Lucent Spectral Rms2000 2500 note
Forever Small Lucent Diamond Tsonn 749
Large none Cinnamon Cryptomancer 250
Large none Shell Cryptomancer 250
Honey Bea Average none Honey Lonpone 200
Son of a Peach Enormous none Peach Dusso 2000
Large Lucent Iron ripple 625
Spring Gem Enormous Brilliant Spring Green JBeshir 1000000
Blessing of Evening Average Lucent Sapphire Dusso 2000
Large none Shell Cryptomancer 250
Gigantic none Green tuarinn 1500
Froma Stone Small Brilliant Blood JayColvin 50000 note
Redeye Small Lucent Ruby Tsonn 550
Puddy merrow Average none Baby Pink Dusso 500
My Pretty! Average Titanic Orange Snowgods 99999999 note
Large none Teal ripple 400
Gerrysan Average Dusky Peach JayColvin 2147483647 note
Large none Pea Cryptomancer 250
Tiny bit'o Small Bright Chocolate Dusso 350
I Dew Small Lucent Lemon-lime Octa9on 300
Tealeost Enormous Lucent Teal Octa9on 2000
Large none Amethyst ripple 225
Average Dazzling Mahogany ripple 4500 note
Seven Seas Large Dusky Ocean Dusso 1800
Staggering Lucent Indigo ZombieDan 500000 note
Watered soil Small Dusky Copper Dusso 350
Small Radiant Peridot OpusFocus 44444 note
Monumental Dusky Emerald Cryptomancer 3500
Massive Dusky Diamond Skull the Troll 25000
Small Lucent Purple ronin_runner 350
Mellow split Average none Orange Dusso 700
siren Massive none Red OpusFocus 22222 note
Number 10 Small none Eggplant OpusFocus 121212 note
Gigantic Lucent Grass Boondoggle 2147483647
Snarky Pandora Small Dusky Iron Mathamancer 2500
Wil Wheaton's d20 Small Bright Yellow Eevi 2147483647 note
My Thumb Titanic none Plum copperhamster 100000
Small Brilliant Spectral Karuberu 10000
Small Dusky Bubblegum Bandaid 99999
Small Brilliant Burgundy OpusFocus 33333 note
Neat Turn of Fraise Large Dazzling Strawberry canabal 1234567890 note
The Sugar Plum Fairy Enormous Radiant Plum Imrahil 5000 note
Nugget O'Bronze Small none Bronze Mathamancer 299
Iron Maiden Small Bright Iron Mathamancer 550
Massive none Stormcloud tnnlynch 1000
Small Brilliant Teal Raeden 10000
I found a shiny! Staggering Radiant Cantaloupe XtheMage 20000
Dazzled in the mists Average Dazzling Mist pawnhamster 2500 note
Small none Blue shink55 5000
Massive Dusky Ocean Yeiko 5000
Average Dusky Gray Daerandir 2000
Money Melon Massive none Cantaloupe Darth Curious 3300
Enormous Dusky Spectral Karuberu 100000
Average Brilliant Midnight evilamericorp 1000
Titanic Incandesce Average Titanic Pearl Karuberu 100000
Absolute Unit Massive none Bone frazeocity 1000
Small Dusky Mist OpusFocus 78901 note
Enormous Dusky Burgundy kurt 5000
Fruity Average Lucent Grape charles 99999
Monumental Bright Peach pawnhamster 25000 note
Gigantic Bright Brown pawnhamster 2000 note
Sirius B Massive Brilliant Silver enthusiastick 10000
Dab Small none Honey Kismet 600
You Get a Gold Star! Average Dazzling Citrine wren1024k 2147483647 note
Stanley's Dark Star Average Dusky Mahogany MegaManExpert 50000 note
Massive none Iron tnnlynch 1000
Light in the Depths Enormous Bright Royal Blue Arjay 400000 note
Lust Average Bright Scarlet Mathamancer 1200
Massive Bright Baby Pink Laernan 2222
Tondelayo's Heart Enormous Starlike Ocean Mathamancer 41666 note
Namor Large none Water Blue erickei 199
Nightstar Massive Dusky Purple Arjay 2147483647 note
Lotus Small Lucent Lavender Mathamancer 399
Enormous Dusky Emerald Laernan 3333
Monumental Brilliant Spruce DeanBrown 10000
Massive Lucent Water Blue OpusFocus 55555 note
Average Dusky Cinnamon ArtyD 99999999 note
Wrigley Field Enormous Lucent Gray Mathamancer 69420
Small none Blood kokemoor 1200
Small Bright Tangerine kokemoor 1500
Gratz Average Lucent Bronze SuperPluck 10000
I love Lucent Large Lucent Peach Mathamancer 666 note
Citric Star Small Brilliant Tangerine SuperPluck 10000
Chocolate Heart Average Lucent Chocolate OpusFocus 33333 note
Clown's Nose Small Bright Cotton Candy Lorakahn 3000 note
Eternal Bliss Enormous Dusky Plum Mathamancer 69420
Green Saint's Joy Average Lucent Emerald Mathamancer 2999 note
Breakfast A La King Titanic none Navy RandomHobo 2147483647 note
Salad Bowl Average none Eggplant Mathamancer 1175 note
Wicked Small none Emerald Mathamancer 299 note
Voidstar Small Dusky Obsidian Mathamancer 399 note
Eye of Blackfire Small Dusky Sapphire Mathamancer 399 note
Enormous Dazzling Green Laernan 5555
Destiny's Cry Small Lucent Violet Mathamancer 699
Jaws' Breaker Small none Bubblegum Mathamancer 299
Jelly Star Small none Pea Mathamancer 699
Spooktober Approach Large Bright Pumpkin Lorakahn 6569
Gray Silmaril Average Dazzling Gray Lorakahn 2323
Big shiny ghost Monumental Lucent Spectral vogtde1 50000
Gob of Earwax Large none Bronze Mathamancer 9990
Lemonball Small none Citrine Mathamancer 299
Will O'Wispy Small Lucent Spectral Mathamancer 599
Santa's Revenge Enormous none Obsidian Mathamancer 699
Solar Titanic Dusky Citrine charles 99999
Small none Sapphire The Emperors Angel 100
Goth Valentine Small Dusky Onyx SuperPluck 10000
Large none Silver The Emperors Angel 198
Small Dusky Pearl The Emperors Angel 125
Small none Onyx The Emperors Angel 110
Small none Ruby The Emperors Angel 100
Small none Bone The Emperors Angel 100
Small none Lavender The Emperors Angel 650
Gigantic Dusky Tangerine The Emperors Angel 1750
Small none Ultramarine abeNdorg 100
Small Dusky Raspberry The Emperors Angel 100