Gem Marketplace

Hue Name Size Glow Color Owner Price
Mother of pearl Large Lucent Pearl pawnhamster 1699 note
Duracell Small Starlike Copper Red 4000
Pwetty Average Dusky Citrine VehpuS 1200
Big Green Gobwin Monumental Dusky Spring Green Mr Awesome 4000
Dream of waves Average none Ocean Dusso 750
Teal's Average none Teal youngstormlord 510
Peachy Average none Peach Linsaran 500
Sweet Pea Massive none Pea eltotsira 1700
Tiny Birdy Small none Peacock Linsaran 350
Little Booger Small none Green Salvage 2147483647 note
Roboute Guilliman Average none Ultramarine Linsaran 500
Average none Peridot Thaddius1000 380
Little miss diamond Average none Diamond pawnhamster 949 note
Enormous Dusky Shell wren1024k 2500
Gray sunset Average Dusky Graphite Airwhale 550
Gray Wolf Massive none Gray ArtemisX 2500
TSFKAABR Large Dusky Iron Rms2000 45000 note
Green Giant Enormous none Green robertzi7 10000 note
Hershey Kiss Small Dusky Chocolate GhostlyClockwork 500
Peridot Small none Peridot Kineth 250 note
Dumortierite Large none Cornflower Blue ogr8bearded1 616
BigBlue Family Jewel Massive Lucent Cornflower Blue Skull the Troll 25000 note
Bubbleyum Small Dusky Cotton Candy Linsaran 350
Big Ol' Dusky Massive Dusky Shell Lymnocryptes minimus 5000
Average none Lavender Valareos 304
Night Vision Average Radiant Army green Ahante 1200 note
!!!!! Staggering Lucent Copper Airwhale 2147483647 note
Key Lime Pie Small none Lime Mathamancer 240
Ooh Shiny! Average Brilliant Malachite ripple 10000 note
Mrona Large Lucent Violet Anthemyn 1400
Stingy RNG Small none Mahogany Rms2000 5000 note
Clementine Small Dusky Cantaloupe lurker above 450 note
Titan's Ring Average Titanic Green Linsaran 50000 note
Baby Sister Small Brilliant Baby Pink Linsaran 500
Gobwin's Grandioso Enormous none Emerald Sidalir 2200
Large none Malachite Coren22 1200
Through the Trees Average Lucent Evergreen JadedDragoon 699 note
For Love of Wine Large none Wine JadedDragoon 499 note
Popcorn Small Dusky Butter Linsaran 350
Dekryptonite Small Bright Lime thriggle 450 note
More Sprite Rock Small none Lemon-lime Linsaran 350
Ocean Weed Large none Seaweed Linsaran 600
Spice Small none Pumpkin Linsaran 350
Smells Nice Small Dusky Lavender Linsaran 350
Eye of Midnight Massive Dusky Onyx Korhedron 5000 note
Candie Small none Baby Pink Dusso 550
Dim Skull Large Dusky Bone robertzi7 10000 note
Small Radiant Ruby ripple 1100
Little Sister Small none Cotton Candy Linsaran 600 note
Small Dusky Pumpkin Mr Awesome 250
Big Sister Massive none Cotton Candy Linsaran 1200 note
Easter Egg Average Dusky Eggplant Merilynne 600
Giant Hershey's Kiss Massive Dusky Chocolate Linsaran 1250
Twinkle Average Bright Periwinkle GryffonDurime 900
MyBigBigLove Gigantic none Baby Blue ripple 7500 note
Archon Dust Average Lucent Powder Blue HollowHero 575
Average none Teal ripple 325 note
Drank Average Dusky Eggplant ripple 350 note
Maestoso Marbit Enormous none Purple Sidalir 2200
Gigantic none Green Mr Awesome 1000
Triple-B Large Bright Brown thisberichard 600 note
Average none Azure ripple 325
Large Lucent Royal Blue ripple 800
The Storm Enormous none Gray swoodly 2100
Small none Periwinkle Mr Awesome 180
Average Dusky Baby Pink ripple 350
Massive Dusky Lavender ripple 1000 note
Small Dusky Bubblegum Mad Raven 330 note
Not an Apple Small none Peach Linsaran 300
Derbyshire Chocolate Gigantic Lucent Chocolate Cryptomancer 2000 note
From New Mexico Large none Turquoise Cryptomancer 350
Average Dusky Cotton Candy Cryptomancer 300
Brownie Enormous none Mahogany ripple 1000 note
Arceas Large Dusky Ultramarine ANGLVD3TH 750 note
Little bird Average none Canary Cryptomancer 250
Clever Name Average Lucent Citrine Cryptomancer 340
Small none Spruce Linsaran 200